Working with the brand UNISON

My main focus when working with UNISON and their multiple branches has been to review and improve their whole digital strategy.

Improving the digital strategy of branches has allowed the teams to become much more efficient both in their work and in their time, creating positive results.
Digital solutions introduced whilst at my employment at Maxweb include Websites, Case Management Systems & Mobile App Design.

Website Design

Many branches of UNISON either do not have their own website or have one that is old and does not appear in search engines. Whilst working at Maxweb, I have helped develop branch websites for many branches, a few examples include
All the above websites are designed with the UNISON brand in mind and are all fully mobile responsive – meaning that they work well on all devices including desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Case Management System

I have collaborated with many branches of UNISON and designed a Case Management system that is tailored to each UNISON Branch. Over 12 branches actively using the case management in their day-to-day activities.

The aim of the case management system is to make access to information easier and to organise the management of live member cases. Some of the main features from our UNISON Case Management system are as below;

Project Features

  • Ability to add / edit unlimited cases
  • Set action dates and reminders on individual cases for stewards
  • Upload documents, emails and comments to each case
  • BCC email feature direct to case notes
  • PDF download of full case including notes and audit trails
  • Daily alerts and reminders of cases that need actions
  • Ability to share cases with multiple representatives / stewards (ideal for transferring case details between reps)
  • Powerful reports – ability to see case types, case outcomes and representative workloads and compare year upon year data
  • Access from any location on any device (with an internet connection)
  • Our system is cloud based and very efficient. It is also fully GDPR compliant ensuring we take care of members data.

Members Mobile App

The mobile app can help you get branch news and events out instantly to your members and also make contact between members and stewards more efficient.

It also allows you to send push notifications direct to your members devices, so as you release news they are updated straight away. No more waiting for newsletters to be printed off and distributed.

I reccomend having a deeper look into the design of the App and Showcase website here theunisonapp.com


  • DATE RELEASED: 10 April 2016
  • MY INPUT: App design, CRM and Website Design
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